He was born in Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina) in 1973.


In February 2004 he joined Cirque du Soleil (Quebec, Canada) and left Argentina. From that year until July 2015 he was the main clown in the show "Quidam", performing two comedy routines

He also coordinated workshops of improvisation, clown and acting; he worked as a clown and acting coach, and supervised routines for the Canadian company.
He was also scout in auditions. In 2012 he coordinated the auditions for clowns, mimes and physical actors for Cirque du Soleil in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

With Cirque du Soleil, Toto toured: North America, Asia, Oceania, Middle East, Europe and South America, presenting his routines in more than 170 cities in over 35 countries.


At age 14 he made his first acting job in Mar del Plata.

He participated in national and international festivals such as actor, author, clown, director. He joined the cast of The Comedy of the Province of Buenos Aires.

Represented plays by Marivaux, Shakespeare, Discépolo, Saint Vincent Millay among others.

In 1999 he opened "Finimondo", his first solo show, at the Auditorium Theatre of Mar del Plata and continued representing it for five seasons in Argentina. In 2010, during his Argentinian tour with Cirque du Soleil, he performed this show at the Metropolitan Theater in Buenos Aires and handed the seasons 2011 and 2012 in The Theatre Club of Mar del Plata and Timbre 4 of Buenos Aires . 

He participated in television series and in 2003 shot the series "Postscript" in a coproduction of Argentina and Mexico for Telemundo.

His teachers include: Daniel Lambertini (Teatro Argentina), Tony Lestingi (Clown, Argentina), Marisa Gozzi (Dance Theater, Argentina), Hamish McColl (Clown, England), Cristina Moreira (Pure Genres, Argentina), Ruben Szuchmacher (Staging, Argentina), Ricardo Bartis (Performance, Argentina), David Shiner (Physical Comedy, USA), Jill Mackavey (Performance, USA), Mauricio Kartun (Playwriting, Argentina), Pablo Rotemberg (Dance, Argentina) among others.


He has taught acting and clown workshops in various studies and theaters in Mar del Plata and Buenos Aires, as well as for:

• Platform Lavarden Rosario (Rosario, Argentina 2015).
• Ministry of Innovation and Culture of Rosario (Rosario, Argentina, 2012).
• Second National Festival of Clown & Mime in Salta (Salta, Argentina, 2011).
• Festival of Contemporary Theatre in Valparaiso (Chile, 1998).
• National Theatre Festival (Catamarca, Argentina, 1997).
• EITALC (International Theatre School for Latin America and the Caribbean, 1997).
among many others. 

Since 2009 he taught seminars and master classes for Cirque du Soleil in USA, Canada, Brazil and several countries in Europe.

He currently develops his Clown Theatre School that addresses various pure theatrical genres and is oriented to the training of actors, clowns in theater, circus and comedians.


Now rehearsing his works:
• "Goldilocks" in Buenos Aires.
• "The Romance of Marica" in Buenos Aires.
Both to be opened in 2015 

He wrote and directed the shows:
• "The Scare, 1813" (Anfitrión Theatre, Buenos Aires 2012, El Camarín de las Musas, Buenos Aires 2013, and tours).
• "Celestyna" (Teatro Auditorium, Mar del Plata 2000, Teatro Municipal Colón, Mar del Plata 2002, La Usina, Buenos Aires 2002, among others).
• "Bernarda" (Teatro Municipal Colón, Mar del Plata 2001).
• "Desdemona, a comedy." (Teatro Payró, Mar del Plata 2002 and 2003, among others).
• "Finimondo" (1999-2003 Various theatres, Metropolitan Theater in Buenos Aires 2010, Theatre Club, Mar del Plata 2011 and 2012; Timbre 4 of Buenos Aires 2012).
• "Pinocchio" (Museum of the Sea of Mar del Plata 2002).
• "That brief Song of Songs" (EMAD, Buenos Aires 2003).
and others. 

Supervisor gender "Cartonedda" Edda Diaz (2003) and "Reciprocal Resonance" Anna Ter Akopov (2003).

Author of "Beatriz servant", "Ravenous and melancholy", "Six Chinese" among other works.


• Award Winner Planeando sobre BUE 2013 "Clown" (Finimondo).
• Distinguished Award José María Vilches 2012 (Finimondo and fright, 1813).
• Distinguished by the Honorable Council of Mar del Plata 2011, in recognition of local, national and international artwork. (Finimondo).
• Nominated Starfish Award 2000 "Show" and "Direction" (Celestyna); 2001 "Actor" (Finimondo); 2002 "Direction" (Celestyna); 2011 "Sole Drama" (Finimondo).
• Distinguished Theatre World Award 2010 "Lighting Design" (Finimondo).
• Starfish Award Winner 2002 "Direction" ("Celestyna")
• Mentions The Comedy Province of Buenos Aires 2000 "Show" and "Actor" (Finimondo and Celestyna).
• 1999 Award Winner Auditorium (Finimondo). 


He studied visual arts at the School of Visual Arts Martin Malharro and Prilidiano Pueyrredón National Fine Arts School (Buenos Aires). He participated in the paint workshop of Carolina Antoniadis, Ana Camponovo, among others. In 2012 he participated in the Clinic of Contemporary Art by Fabiana Barreda. He performed solo and group shows in Mar del Plata and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

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